Since the beginning of the 70s Nonfango has been the Company that has most contributed to the modernisation of the motorcycle luggage sector, creating and applying a whole series of leading edge technical and aesthetic solutions. The Company was the first to create the central single-lever locking system. Nonfango has made colour coordination between motorcycle and luggage painting the cases in the motorcycles' original colours. We were the first to apply the painted strips and to create the interchangeable strips, a new patented system.
The Company has achieved total quality, improving sturdiness, practicality and functionality, while paying the greatest attention to the lightness of their products. The high quality, and the modular supports system completely integrated with the motorcycle originate from a tight collaboration among skilled engineers, designers, rough materials suppliers and an international co-operative qualified team. The wide range of luggage, top cases and specific supports allow us, thanks to technical and aesthetic solutions specifically customized, to satisfy with high reliability the requirements of any motorcyclist, to respect the rider's personality and the aesthetic and structural needs of the vehicles. Nonfango has achieved great results, both from an aesthetic point of view, as the design is a true interpretation of the motorcycle's style, and from a functional point of view, as modularity, aerodynamics and ergonomics have all reached top levels.

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