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So you can come in the living nonfango world

If you don't have the necessary equipment to publish the pictures on line, you can send your
pictures to "LIVING NONFANGO" Nonfango, Via Bassa Prima n. 211/1, 35011 S.A. di Campodarsego - Padova - ITALY.
You can send the text to as well.
Requirement for the publishing:
  • Main optional image: 350*160 vertical or 190*300 horizontal (up to 300Kb).
  • Others optionals: 320*200 (maximum 8 pictures, up to 300Kb each picture).
Text containing trip's data, weather conditions, roads, accommodations, notes over the trip (initial expectation and final results, met difficulties and reached satisfactions, fellows, friends, and so on..)

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