Covering km after km can become even more gratifying than reaching the destination, because it is during the journey that you really live. You put yourself to the test and you know yourself better.
Do you have any pictures taken during a trip? Did you have a good time, or were you bored to tears? Did you find yourself in a fatiguing, difficult situation and you want to share this experience with others? Insert your images and text on-line (requirement for the publishing) or send them in Word format to Our staff will see to having them published.

Welcome to the section of the Nonfango web site which is most specifically yours. Become the star of our most stimulating pages. Insert images and stories of your trips. Tell to the extensive Nonfango community the spirit of adventure that moves you and share with others your travel experiences, whether on the motorcycle or not. Being a Nonfango user and owning a motorcycle is not indispensable: the important thing is to have participated in an adventure, beyond the normal daily routine that you wish to share with others. After examining the materials received we'll publish the best, most interesting stories and .. who knows, the best may even receive an award (Nonfango will let you know ..).

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