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Which fitting kit and luggage should i choose for my motorycle?

In the solutions section of this site, just put in all information about your motorcycle make and model as well as the colour and the space requirement, and you’ll be informed about the most suitable luggage and rack fitment.

Which are the luggage in the nonfango range that can hold two helmets?

The luggage Tuttoturismo, Tuttoterreno, Tuttoscooter, 852, 848LX, 848 can hold 2 full face helmets. The luggage 736LX and 736 accept one full face helmet or two jet helmets. The tuttolaterale side cases 1 helmet per each case, as well as the 632 and retro top boxes. In the whole range only the 840 side cases, purposedly studied with very reduced dimensions, cannot contain one helmet.

I need to fit on my bike a small top case like the “736” or the “632” top box, how should i do?

All nonfango fitting kits, thanks to a standard locking system, can fit all luggage and top boxes, regardless of sizes and/or dimensions as specified in detail here below:

Pac, Universal base and Honda base can fit all nonfango cases. As regards to the 36LX top case and 632 and retro top boxes all that’s needed is a pair of additional metal plugs (item R138)


Minibase and Miniplate can fit, besides the 632 – Retrò top boxes, all Nonfango range cases.


My motorcycle is already equipped with your top case and now i’m going to buy the side cases, is it possible to have one locks set so as one single key is required to open the three cases?

One extra lock is supplied with the side cases (to be fitted in place of the on the top case already mounted one) this will allow you to use one only key for the complete luggage set.

I’m going to buy a set of nonfango luggage and would like to know if they are covered with warranty?

All nonfango cases and top boxes have a 24 month warranty period from their purchase date. All conditions are detailed on the warranty booklet provided in each case and/or top box.

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